Developing a genuine collection that manifests past, present and future in exclusive form.

Tikla is a brand that creates unique objects from natural materials sourced in the Bulgarian mountains. It’s a collective work committed to gathering and transforming various forms and materials in an object that never repeats the same again.

Stone, wood and metal


A stone, a raw element, combined with the warmth of the wooden piece and the strength of the metal- transforms into sculpture that integrates into product design. The journey of exploring materials goes from one collection to another.

Milen Radev, the face behind Tikla

The story begins when Milen finds himself back to the mountain of his ancestors – Rhodope mountains (southern part of Bulgaria)- the place where he remembers of being lost in those ancient forests. 

Milen Radev’s professional work began in 2006 when he started enveloping his photography series. In 2009  he opened his first exhibition (Art of living) and many follows-”Stereoscopy”, “manual”, “FORM”; “5000 Copies”, including some performance art projects (“Parno”).

Unexpected circumstances lead him to an old house which he decided to renovate and bring back to life. Later, the work on the  rooftop  allows him to feel the power of the stone tales (tiklas) used to cover the rooftops in the past. This encounter changes his path- from that moment on he starts interacting with stones, creating magnificent objects of product design.   

“Tikla is a beautiful imprint of time, which brings together the four the elements of creation: air, earth, water and fire. This stone, a gift of nature, noticed or immersed by light, collector of knowledge, bearer of timelessness, preserved memories and secrets, stories from reality, forming natural of Ancienty.”

Video project created by Antonia Tochka


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